vip fantasy

VIP Fantasy package

Make is one night in Bangkok you will never forget! With our VIP package you will be given access to our secret Jacuzzi bachelor pad, where you will be met by your 2 favourite ladyboys model, ready to share 24 hours of passion and fantasy with you. This will be the day AND night of your life, as the girls pamper and please you, with the help of their favourite toys and lingerie!

2 ladyboys of your choice - 24 unforgettable hours = 26,000 Baht
total domination

Total Domination

This one is not for the newbies! Have your submissive skills put to the test by submitting to the orders of Madame A and her co-mistress, Kinky Kat. This to wicked-minded ladyboys are sure to give you a HARD time, turning you into their sissy slut and testing your ass taking abilities.

Madame A + Kinky Kat - 4 hours = 15,000 Baht, OR, 10 hours = 18,000 Baht
Female Male Ladyboy

FML - Female Male Ladyboy

Our FML special offers you a once in a lifetime experience that everyone is looking for. Have the best of both worlds in a single session. Katrina, our latest female goddess, is ready to take it in all ways from yourself, Faith and Julie. This promises to be an actioned packed session that you will never forget.

Katrina + (Julie or Faith) - 2 hours = 15,000 Baht, OR, 10 hours = 28,000 Baht
Master and Slave

Master and Slave

Whether you are a pure top, power bottom, or completely versatile, why not invite Madame A over along with one of her slaves. The promises to be a kinky session of fun and games, where you get to direct the show or simply lay back and let their experienced kinky ladyboys show you how to have a good time.

Madame A + Friend - 4 hours = 15,000 Baht, OR, 10 hours = 18,000 Baht
After school

The Gang Bang

This is another one not for the first timer. If you like to take the submissive role when with a big strong ladyboy, why not go into full fantasy mode and take that gang banging you have already dreamed of! We will send you 3 hard, ass hungry ladyboys, who will take it in turns to prod and pound your every hole. You can either opt for 2 hours of hard hammering or get fucked all night long!

3 Top/Dom Ladyboys - 2 hours = 15,000 Baht, OR, 10 hours (all night!) = 28,000 Baht

Striptease (and please)

Are you a bit of a peeping Tom? Love to watch a sexy ladyboy strip down and tease you before you get down to the nasty? Then our striptease package is just for you. Sit back and relax as our ladyboy (s) perform for your perverted pleasure, slowly stripping down and teasing you into the action, until you are finally so wound up you just have to get in on the horny action!

1 ladyboy - 2 hours = 6,000 Baht, 2 ladyboys - 2 hours = 10,000 Baht
6 Hands Massage

6 Hands Massage

Why have a 4 hands massage when you can have a 6 hands massage with 3 of the coolest, friendliest, fun-loving ladyboys in Thailand. These girls certainly know what they are doing, and they'll help you get through a few bottles of baby oil as they treat you like a king and give you the ultimate in pampering (and partying!).

3 ladyboys - 2 hours = 15,000 THB

Newbie Pampering

We understand that not every ladyboy lover is all that experienced, and for many this will be their first time, so we designed this package with newbies in mind. You will be greeted by two ladyboys of your choice who will seduce you on to the bed and relax you with a 4-hands oil massage, and slowly seduce you into have more erotic fun.

2 ladyboys of your choice - 4 hours = 15,000 Baht

POV Video

Want to have a souvenir of your fantasy filled experience with one of our escorts? This package gives you the perfect opportunity to capture every moment of everything wild you do in your passion-filled 2 hour session. *Please note that all scenes captured are for personal use only.

1 ladyboy of your choice - 2 hours private video session = 15,000 Baht
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