The Medical Examination by Debanjan

Posted on September 21st, 2013

Holly Ladyboy NurseI arrived in Thailand for the first time to attend a business meeting. I was feeling very tired after a whole day of meetings and could only think of Thai ladyboys. My colleagues decided to go clubbing and asked me to join them, but I was feeling too lazy to go shake a leg so I told them I was feeling sick and would head back to my room.

When I entered the elevator I was joined by a pretty looking, young, tall lady. We were heading to the same floor. After the elevator door closed she introduced herself as Holly and told me that she overheard me in the lobby, saying that I was feeling sick, and she offered to check I was ok, as she was a trained nurse. I agreed to her kind offer and said thank you, and she told me she would meet me in my room in 10 minutes with her medical practice kit.Within 10 minutes there was a knock on my door, when I opened it I saw Holly standing tall with high heels and a nurse uniform which was low enough from the top to display her massive cleavage and short enough from the bottom to reveal her gorgeous toned legs. She was looking ravishing.She entered the room and locked the door. She then asked me to take off all my clothes so she could examine me in full. However, as soon as I did so she started kissing my nipples and went all the way down and took my cock in her mouth. She was sucking my cock so passionately, there was no way I was going to stop her!After few moments she stood up and said now she wants to check my cock with her ass-o-scope. I pushed her against the wall and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I lifted her skirt and literally tore her panties off and that’s when saw her beautifully erect cock! This was a first time for me but instead of getting scared I wanted her more badly.

I entered her ass and started fucking her like there is no tomorrow. She took my hand and put it around her cock indicating that she wanted me to stroke her cock and fuck her at the same time. I was soon performing 3 tasks at the same time, fucking her, stroking her cock and deep French kissing her. We continued for almost 25 minutes, then she somehow managed to take her mouth off me and told me that now its time for the third part of the medical examination.

For this she needed to take my tool inside her and put her tool inside mine. After hearing this without hesitating for a second I turned her upside down, put my hands around her ass and starting sucking her cock and she started sucking mine. We were already high on pleasure so it wasn’t long before we shoot each others load inside our mouth.

Finally, I put her down and we both sat on the floor, trying to catch our breath. She said she is now done with the diagnosis and after a 15 minute break she will show me the cure.
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  1. Omar eissa says:

    I want shemale to be with me for all my vocation in Thailand with pretty face and hard cock she must to do anything with me my travel will be end of May for 7 days so how much the price as I’ll visit Bangkok and one of island .

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