The Mischievous Maid

Posted on July 15th, 2013

Ladyboy escort maidI was staying in Bangkok on a business trip, in a nice hotel right in the centre of town. Obviously having to meet and socialize with a lot of new business associates was keeping me busy, and after staying out late the night before, I decided to lay in for the morning and get some serious Zs.

Despite setting the room to ‘do not disturb’ the maid was constantly knocking and rattling the door. I was getting a bit angry about it, so I finally got up and opened the door to tell her off.. When I pulled the door back and saw a cute young Asian housemaid in a rather revealing outfit, including silky stockings and slutty high heels, it was impossible to get mad. Instead I just told her politely I didn’t want my room cleaned, closed the door and dived back under the sheets.

I must have forgotten to lock the door. Less than a minute later I heard the door open and close. Someone was in my room! I pulled back the covers to see that the mischievous young maid had entered and started dusting. Maybe she just didn’t speak English and couldn’t understand, but she seemed to be constantly bending over which made her skirt lift up and flash her panties, or stretching so that her top lifted and showed off her huge smooth breasts. I had such a stiffy, I just decided to keep quiet and watch her as I secretly jerked off under the covers.

I guess it wasn’t all that secret as she decided to pull the covers off me to see that I was stroking my rock hard cock. Instead of screaming and running out the room she started tickling my balls with her duster and gave me this sexy look, as if she wanted me to fuck her brains out. And then as if nothing had happened, she went back to dusting the room! Only this time when she bent over I swear she pulled her knickers down a touch.

I was still debating whether she understood English or not, when she looked at me through the mirror, still bent over with her panties slightly pulled down, and said ‘fuck me!’ I didn’t need to hear another word. I charged across the room and pulled her knickers to the floor – only to find a long cock and balls dangling in front of me! I guess most guys would be freaked out by the sight of some smooth man meat hanging between the thighs of a hot young Asian chick, but not me, I was so so turned on! I’d read so much about the ladyboys of Thailand, and watched so many hours of tranny porn, now finally here I was, fucking the ass off this hot young ladyboy in her kinky maid uniform. And the great thing was, by all the moaning and begging for more, I could tell she was enjoying it as much as I was!

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  1. Klaus Winter says:

    I am in a Sukhumvit road hotel.I would like a visit from one of your ladyboys in Maid Uniform
    Please tell me what she can do for me ,for 2 hours full details ,and required fees,Thanks Klaus

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